My carer/s and/or family feel most supported when they…  /  Have access to information on social services

Suggested Resources

Work and school

A list of handy resources to help in finding information or support for you or someone in your workplace or school


A list of handy links to assist in getting to or from your medical appointments

Informed Financial Consent

This video features the NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia NET Nurse discussing the impact and cost of treatment for people living with NETs with Megan Varlow from Cancer Council Australia


Many people affected by cancer say that they experience financial hardship. The links below will take you to services and resources that offer information and advice about where and how to get financial support:

Housing / accommodation

For people who have to stay away from home to receive treatment, the links below will take you to sites that offer help with finding accommodation close to hospitals.

Getting around

If you would like help with grocery shopping, cleaning, gardening or you need equipment to help with mobility, the links below will help you find information about the services and resources available: