My carer/s and/or family feel most supported when they…  /  Have information about what to expect as my cancer progresses

Suggested Resources

Cancer Council; Caring for Someone with Cancer

This booklet offers general information about advanced cancer: what it is, how it is treated, what might happen and what support is available. There is also information for the family and friends of people who have advanced cancer.

Psychological impact of incurable cancer / long term cancer

You might have never looked after someone who is seriously ill before. It can be overwhelming. People find they need information and resources to help them manage daily life as a carer. This could be about how to manage medications or access transport. It could be about how to sort out your finances or find some support for themselves.

Cancer Council; Living with Advanced Cancer

Health professionals use several terms to describe cancer that has moved beyond early stages, including secondary, metastatic, advanced and progressive cancer. Sometimes health professionals don’t use a particular name. In this booklet, we use the term ‘advanced cancer’. Regardless of the words used, it’s confronting to hear that the cancer has spread or come back.