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Suggested Resources - Fatigue

To help you manage your fatigue which can be caused by many things the links provide a Fact Sheet from Peter MacCallum and general information from Cancer Council from their Living with Cancer section. There is also a video from NSW Cancer Institute about fatigue and ways to reduce this.

Cancer Council; Fatigue & Cancer

This information has been prepared to help you understand more about fatigue, a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatments. We hope this information will help you, your family and friends understand what fatigue is and how it can be managed.

Peter Mac; Fatigue Factsheet

Fatigue is common among people who have completed cancer treatment and people receiving ongoing therapy. This fact sheet  explains ways to cope with cancer-related fatigue.

Fatigue Related Educational Video Resources

This pdf contains a list of different educational video resources related to fatigue and cancer.

Cancer Institute NSW; Feeling Tired (fatigue)

Fatigue or cancer related fatigue (CRF) is an overwhelming feeling of tiredness or exhaustion that is not relieved by rest or sleep. It can have a significant impact on your life.